Friday 20 Jul 2018
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Beginning of Landsat time series processing for the Mekong Basin, August 2017

The Catch-Mekong partner EOMAP started with the processing of the USGS Landsat data archive for the extraction of time series information about the sediment loads of the Mekong river.

For that region, it reaches back until 1987. As main regions of interest, the mid- and downstream sections of the Mekong river have been defined, starting at the border between China, Myanmar and Laos and running down to the delta in Vietnam. Due to the huge amounts of satellite records for the timespan over the last 30 years, it was agreed to use only data from the Landsat tiles pictured in the overview below (orange). Since remote sensing acquirements in this region are often limited due to clouds and haze, it is expected to get approximately 10 high quality measurements of Total Suspended Matter per year, which will then serve as calibration data for further hydrological modelling done by the German Research Center for Geoscience, GFZ.


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