Friday 20 Jul 2018
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WP 3000 Saltwater intrusion in the Mekong-Delta



The main objective of WP 3000 is to get a deeper understanding of the impacts of upstream developments in the Mekong Basin (dam development) and other external effects (sea level rise, subsidende) on saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta. The large scale hydrodynamic model for the Mekong Delta, developed at  GFZ in the framework of WISDOM will be extended to allow simulations on saltwater intrusion. In addition the very complex saltwater dynamic in the estuary will be assessed and mapped based on a detailed 3D hydrodynamic model.


Beside the modelling work also the interaction between surface water and ground water aquifers in coastal zones will be investigated. Therefore multiple measurement sites in river channels and ground water wells will be implemented. In this process electric conductivity, stable isotopes, will be monitored to identify the mechanisms of groundwater regeneration.


In addition by coupling hydrological model results related to the spatial-temporal patterns of saltwater intrusion with satellite based information on agricultural practices in the Mekong Delta, the economic impacts of salinization on crop yields will be assessed spatially explicitly.  



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